Welcome to the site of The Chain Specialists
A little bit about us......Sprockets Unlimited are specialists in supplying drive chains for vintage, classic and modern motorcycles.
Since 1992 we have been based in Evesham, Worcestershire, England and we have been in business since 1984.
We are well known on the circuit of classic bike shows and autojumbles throughout the country having travelled many thousands of miles to these events since 1985. To find out where our travelling chain stall is going, please click here

Chains.......We keep over 20 different sizes and over 70 different chain types in stock. Take a look at the variety available, just click here

At events, chains can be supplied in any length and can be made up especially to your requirement.
We have extensive data on original chain requirements for mototcycles dating back to the 1920's.
We can supply most chain sizes with an odd number of links due to a good stock of cranked links (often needed for older machines) and can supply chains either endless or with a rivet or split type connecting link as required.
We take pride in the supplying the right product for your individual requirements and we can offer friendly advice to you on what is the best type and make of chain to use.

Our preferred quality chain manufacturers are Iwis (German) and Regina (Italian).

We are always interested to hear feeback from our customers because it is through listening to you that we can give you informed advice.
We pride ourselves on providing a personalised service to all our customers.

Taking care of your chain......We stock various chain tools for cutting and rivetting chains. We also have a selection of different lubricants to help extend the life of chains. For advice on maintaining your chains, just click here

Sprockets.......Our name, Sprockets Unlimited, is now a bit of a folly. Historically, the name came from our early years when John started the business in Selly Oak in Birmingham when he made sprockets & sold a little bit of chain too. Although we still have a small stock of sprockets, for a long time now, our business has been focused mainly on chains. At events in particular, we are often referred to as 'The Chain Gang' so we have adopted this name.
Times have changed & we will no longer be purchasing any more sprockets to replenish our dwindling stock. If you are after steel blank sprockets, these can be ordered easily on line. For Dural blank sprockets & machined Dural sprockets we recommend B&C Express who are in Lincoln. They also have good stocks of sprockets & chains for more recent bikes. They are very knowledgeable &  can be contacted by email at sales@bandcexpress.co.uk or by telephone on 01522 791369. There is a link to their website on our 'Useful Links' page.

We are now no longer providing a mail order service. Over the years we have enjoyed providing  a personal service to our customers and many customers know us as John & Jane, but we are now not as young as we were. We now need some time to experience life in the slower lane. We'd like to thank all our loyal customers, many of whom have become friends over the years. We have often said that we feel very lucky to have had the best type of customers. We have met and talked to many characters over the years & we hope to continue seeing many  of you at our regular events.
For as long as we can still physically do so, (chains are damned heavy!) we will continue to take a stall at the bike shows & autojumbles which we've attended for so many years but we will now not be able to answer telephone calls & emails for new business. We will only be responding to emails if it relates to a problem for an item which has been supplied at an event. The email address will remain as astrosprox@btinternet.com
The Chain Gang
As many of our old (not necessarily in age) and regular customers know, this business is a partnership between the partners in real life of John and Jane. I regretfully and sadly have to announce that John passed away on the 25th August 2019 after a short illness. I therefore will have to close the partnership. I cannot say for the moment whether or indeed how I can move forward with regard to the business as obviously for now, I have many other things to deal with.

Jane Page