For those of you (like us) who are not fluent in German 'bewegen die welt' means 'powering the world'
Iwis has been producing high performance chains for more than 80 years and are based in Munich. We have been stockists of their chains for over 20 years. Over the years, we have tried and tested many different makes of chain for classic and vintage motorcycles and without any hesitation, we can recommend Iwis as a top quality transmission chain. The vast majority of our customers who have used an Iwis chain before - will ask for Iwis again!
Iwis Superlife
By far the most popular chain is the Iwis Superlife. The Superlife chain is our direct replacement chain for motorcycles which were originally fitted with a Renold chain. This chain is made from high quality quenched, tempered and case-hardened steels and is pre-stretched, with shouldered pins, has a high fatigue strength and excellent wear resistance. All the essential chain parts are available in the same high quality e.g. split links, rivet links and double cranked links.
Iwis Superlife chain
Iwis produce a wide variety of chains which are suitable for classic and vintage motorcycles including simplex and duplex chains suitable for primary drives, camshaft and dynamo. There are also special chains for applications where a chain will be subjected to higher loading.
Iwis chains for engines