Chains for classic & vintage motorcycles
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Chains for classic, vintage and modern motorcycles
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We stock the vast majority of Regina chains that are available including, standard, reinforced heavy duty, professional, racing and 'O' and 'Z' ring chains. Their vast range suits vintage, classic and modern bikes. Regina chains are made in Italy.
Iwis produce very high quality chains which are especially suited for use on classic and vintage machines because they are made to British Standard but far exceed the minimum in terms of quality. Iwis chains are made in Munich, Germany.

A heavy duty, impact type, combination, chain cutter & riveting tool, made by Whale. This tool is available in two sizes:
The larger tool is suitable for chain sizes 520, 525, 530. 532. The current price including VAT is £139.50. There is also a combination tool for smaller chain sizes including some 3/8" pitch chains plus 1/2" pitch chains e.g. 415, 420 & 428.
A heavy duty, impact type chain cutter made by Whale. Suitable for chain sizes 520, 525, 530 & 532.
A heavy duty, impact type chain riveting tool. Suitable for chain sizes 520, 525, 530 & 532.
These 'Whale' chain tools are of an excellent, workshop quality.....we use them!
(Beware of lending these to your might never see it again!)
Due to the huge range of chains that we stock, we cannot list them all. We supply chains for many special applications eg. road racing, trials, drag racing, sprinting, speedway etc. To select the best make/type for the application it is usually best to talk to us.
Chain puller - a really useful tool, used to pull two ends of a chain together to enable easier fittining of a connecting link. These are £15.00 including VAT + post